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The Mode is a forward-thinking, online styling tool that offers an affordable, sustainable approach to luxury designer fashion on a rent-love-return model.

Founded in January 2018 and based in Dubai, our mission is to make designer and luxury fashion more accessible and affordable. Having to buy and own every outfit is no longer a barrier to a larger and more diverse wardrobe. We are pleased to offer a variety of rental packages, both long and short-term. The Mode provides the opportunity for woman to replenish their wardrobe with luxury pieces, at a fraction of the retail price.  

Our unique service caters to women of all ages, sizes and fashion tastes. With an exclusive collection of boutique and designer dresses, hand-picked by our team to cater for all occasions. 

Simply browse the user-friendly website by designer, occasion or category, pick your rental package and outfits, pay online and the dresses will be delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours. Your items will then be picked up for dry cleaning on completion of the rental period 

The MODE is owned and run by THE MODE SHARED PORTAL.

The Brand

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Contact Us

Telephone: 703.172.3412

Van Spartan #73, 1081 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

Our Team

  • team-member

    Anthony Moore

    Founder & CEO

  • team-member

    Douglas Morgan

    Creative Director

  • team-member

    Kimberly Miller

    Sales Director

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